Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Michael Kors : American Top CopyDesigner!

I used to be a big supporter for MICHAEL KORS bags for the last 4 years. I’ve seen the brand grow and expand especially in the U.S and Latin American markets. I loved their designs and color combinations, wasn’t very satisfied with the quality of the bags but I could handle that.
Until lately I’ve seen a lot of MICHAEL KORS bags on the streets, and I noticed there is something weird about this bags or brand, something that just doesn’t ¨fit¨ anymore on these bags. They give me a bittersweet feeling or deception, I really can’t decide yet! Like when you taste an adorable looking cupcake but is rotten on the inside!?!
Well after looking at the collection the answer is pretty obvious: ALL THE MODELS ARE COPIES OF LOUIS VUITTON, GUCCI, AND HERMES bestseller bags.

How’s that?? 

Is like they are selling a legal replica of the original Speedy from LV, Kelly from Hermès and Sukey from Gucci. Literally reaching a great amount of ladies out there who would love to buy an original or a real top designer bag but they cant pay full price… giving them a more ¨affordable¨ option of wearing that ¨same¨ iconic bag.

In my opinion is horrible, despicable, low, and cheap.  I think mr. Michael Kors should invest more in the design department and spend less time copying big designers and advertising his brand in such way that women believe that are buying a top brand, when is really a TOP COPY. That way we don’t get to see more ¨legal replicas¨ on women anymore.

I wanted to share this with other women that love handbags as much as I do.
I think is clear by now that I lost totally interest on the brand, and for sure will never buy one ever again.
I’m not saying to stop buying the brand, I just think is fair you at least know exactly what you are buying.
My specific point: Having a Michael Kors IS NOT having a TOP DESIGNER BAG.

PD: Mademoiselle Heidi Klum should change her intro to mr. Michael Kors in Proyect Runway Reality Show to: Americas Top Copier! LOL

Love KarenR

Take a Look 

Neverfull from LV

Speedy from LV

Kelly from Hermés

Sukey from GUCCI

Love KarenR