Thursday, June 23, 2011

Celebrity Style: Kourtney Kardashian

We all know celebrities have VIP access to top designers clothes collection, still not all of them make the most out of their outfits. So I wanted to EXPOSE someone who DOES make the most from her VIP access, and rOcks not only her style but also her adorable baby boy style.
She’s non other but KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN.
She perfectly matches colors, works different styles, and chooses great designers. Therefore she is impeccably dressed 24/7.
Cheers to her great taste, and her infallible orange Hermés handbag.


What KK is wearing:  Dolce & Gabbana blouse, Babakul vest, Bleulab jeans, Christian Louboutin flats and Hermes bag.

What KK is wearing : Black H+M dress a Pencey blazer and Givenchy flats.

What KK is wearing : Smythe top (DASH), LNA tank (DASH), Donna Karan leggings, Minnetonka boots, Hermes bag


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Versace making low-cost clothes?  

For me is a bittersweet feeling that Donatella Versace is designing a whole collection for retail stores H&M. From one side is great because you and me,  fashion devourers under budgets can get a sneak peak of the Versace magic. But on the other side, the real essence of the Versace Brand has nothing to do with budgets, or low cost fabrics, or massive consumption. 
Versace has meant nothing else but LUXE, EXCENTRICITY, EXCESS, & COUTURE.
Clearly H&M and Versace working together is a move that reveals the growing amount of fashioholics around the world and how much more consumers are now aware of high fashion designers. 
So at the end, cheers to Versace for all of us!

Im sharing the official video, and the pictures od Donatella working with H&M.


Monday, June 20, 2011


Simple Ingredients for the perfect Summer Style!

KarenR Ingredients:

 Shorts, have been around for a while but JUNE is the time of the year to rock them in your daily outfits. Buy them in basic colors (beige, white, jean) so you can pair them with tops in every color and print!

·       Loose Blouse, in a see through fabric is great also for the weather, and is always sexy and adds magic to the outfit. The loose fit is perfect as it balances the shortness on the shorts. If you are feeling trendy wear a long delicate shimmery necklace over the blouse. 

·       High Heels Sandals, this pair with stripes add elegance and height to your look. The basic color combination  (grey/beige/camel) are a great choice as you can match it to every color (many more outfits).

·       BIG Handbag in a wild Color, is the easiest and smartest way to add color to an outfit, I think primary colors (red, blue, green, and yellow) are a wise choice and elegantly lighten up your look!

Total: U$560

Inspiration: Khloe Kardashian
Her ingredients: Helmut Lang top, 7Jean shorts, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Hermes Birkin bag. 
Total  U$6000 or more! JUST the bag ;)


Friday, June 17, 2011


Christian Louboutin´s are every girls dream, that’s no news for anybody. But Khloe Kardashian´s closet is so OVER a simple dream , is literally the Louboutin Heaven. Im just speechless and stunned with her shoes treasure! I hope to be having something similar ASAP!!!
Please die of envy with me, and have a great weekend!
Los zapatos Christian Louboutin  son el sueño de todas mujer, eso no es noticia para nadie. Pero el armario de  Khloe Kardashian esta por encima de un simple sueño, es literalmente el paraiso Louboutin. Después de verlo quede enamorada y asombrada con su tesoro! Espero tener algo muy parecido lo antes posible!

Por favor, muere de la envidia conmigo, feliz fin de semana!


This are my LOUBOUTIN must haves for a real girl like me!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


NET-A-PORTER Magazine dedicated last week (june 8) issue to us! BLOGGERS off course from another level PRO bloggers! It’s a great issue, I think all of us should read it and get an idea of where are we headed to and how is the fashion industry cooperating, trusting, believing and falling in love with the blogging community. I hope u enjoy and learn a lot from the PRO´s.

This is the link:

The issue cant be reproduced so i took some screen shots so u get the idea of what im talking about. So, make sure u go directly to the link!
Let me know what u think!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blake NEVER Fails!

You know how much I love Blake Lively and her style. 
This new hair color is stunning in my opinion! Lively as a red head is only sexier, younger, funNerand jaw dropping.

Never leaving home without her Louboutins and thanks to the summer her mini mini skirt that allows us, the rest of the world ENVY her gorgeous legs.


Monday, June 13, 2011


Welcome my ladies, I´d love to share with the you some great blogs i´ve discovered in the Independent Fashion Bloggers Community. There is so much diversity and uniqueness i had to share it and have a word on it! I´ve selected my top five, and I´ll be featuring them this week. Get to know a little about the authors and check their blogs. 
Hope u enjoy them as much as i do!


Name: Alci Morales
Age: 25

Country: El Salvador

Four words that describe you: girly, always wanting to try something new in fashion, animal print lover and shopaholic. Those were like 15 words sorry lol.

What do you blog about: my (not so) daily affordable outfit

Why did u started blogging: I got inspired when I got to see one of me best friend´s blog. And I confess, it took me months deciding whether I should start one of my own, maybe I´m a little bit shy sometimes..

Favorite item in your closet: Oh man this one is hard! But I must say my pink jeans from Zara (SS11)

Dream wish listed item: Louboutin shoes

Favorite designer/store: Definitelly Zara and F21, and designer it would be Michael Kors or Alexander Wang.

Shoes: pumps or flats? Flats, Comfort is very important to me. Even though I always wear pumps to go out at night, but I always carry flats in my bag just in case.

One Fact/thing you hate: I hate that I can´t wear winter clothes! I live in Central America where 85ºF is the rule all year round.

One Fact/thing you love: I love starting my day by browsing new inspirational blogs and checking my follower’s and favorite blogger´s updates.

Advice: Well.. I always say this and I know its a cliche and that everybody says the same thing but its also very true. Girl if you ain´t walking with all your confidence in you, you’re not walking at all. Confidence is everything! No matter if you’re wearing an expensive dress or shoes, but if you don’t have confidence you will never rock it.

Your favorite own blog post: Pink+Grey+Animal Print! Two of my favourite for this season: pink and leo print. I love feeling girly and how can you not with pink?

Anything else u love to share: Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you…

Name: Kristin Eichenberg
Age: 17
Country: United States

4 words that describe you: Driven, Creative, Fashionable, Sarcastic

What do you blog about: I blog mostly about fashion and my styled outfits, but i also love to show photography inspirations, music, and anything else that sparks my interest! Thats the nice thing about having your own blog.. anything goes.

Why did u started blogging: I started as a creative outlet. When looking through countless blogs, i figured why not try it myself? As i did, i have actually grown to enjoy it a lot as a hobby, and as practice for my future i hope to have in fashion! Although my followers are limited, I do it because I love it.

Favorite item in your closet: A two way tie between my button up crop top and my destroyed light wash denim shorts! I'm all into showing off the belts too..

Dream wish listed item: Theres so many that I would die to have! But at the moment, i am DYING for some leather shorts. When i tell people this, they usually think hoochie..but i
am talking about ones like these Kelly Bergin beauts: Anyone have 430 dollars to spare?

Favorite designer/store: Although: I'm not someone who can afford designers, i really love Proenza Schouler. As a close substitute, i shop at Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and of course the one and only Salvation Army! You can still have a good fashion sense without the big bucks.  

With shoes: Pumps or Flats? Flats, because in a small town in Minnesota they are much more practical. I dont hesitate to slip on a wedge though! Thats my happy medium.

One fact/thing you hate (about life or anything): I guess you can call this a pet peeve, but i hate when people leave their sentences unfinished... Like my mom will start talking and then....

One fact/thing you love (about life or anything): I love the summer. Pretty much everything about it : the river, parties, campfires, getting tan, amazing weather, vacations, lazy days, shorts, sandals, shorts, swimsuits...everything!

Advice for other bloggers: If anything, keep the look of your blog on the simple side. The blogs that get my attention are ones that are uncluttered and easy on the eyes! It puts more of the focus on the pictures and the writing you have to offer. Also, make sure your pictures are good quality! And stick with it even if the followers don't come right away. Some things take time.

Your favorite own blog post: My favorite blog post is usually my most recent one! Right now that would be this one here:
It mostly shows my accesories that i have been sporting recently, but also just some of the things i have around! I thought it would give my readers an idea of the kind of taste I have..

Anything else u love to share?

So far, networking for this new blog has been exhausting.. So i'd like to give a big round of applause to those bloggers out there who live normal lives but can hold an audience of 1,000 + people! Its harder than it looks, and even the smallest amount of follwers is rewarding..Thanks to everyone who has followed my blog :)

Kristin Eichenberg I wish u the best with your blog and all your proyects i´m following your blog so i´ll keep in touch!
Your welcome anytime here! 
KarenR :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crocodile & Cole Hann

My deal with shoes is: sky high or flat…no medium heights.

So its either pumps, platforms, stilettos or ballerinas on my feet.
I just discovered Cole Hann shoes, and I love them because the designs are classy, feminine, and stylish; the quality is great as the materials are soft, durable and comfortable, PLUS the price is affordable!
Love this flats as much as I do!



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NAVY meets Cream, Ruffles & Pearls.

My beloved ladies, I’m wearing this today id love u to judge. I’ve been wanting to wear a long blouse for so long, but all the ones had were see -through and I didn’t want to wear leggings, I wanted thights.
I finally found this one , silk fabric and ruffles is great for me, and I love it. Plus the color combination is one of my favorites navy and cream. I think is classy and elegant and safe combination, and just so you know PEARLS are just my addictive topping.

Hope u like it! Enjoy!

Sorry , i had to take my own pic :(. I know is not the best shot but u get the idea ;).


Perfect Couple: Pumps and Thighs: Navy and Cream

The IngredientS
H&M blouse.

Speedy 40 Louis Vuitton.

BCBG shoes. 

Fucsia-Red lipstick 



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Statement Manicure 2

This Week Choice is more Edgy and Less formal. 
I spiced up the mani adding some texture and shine to the nails.

Balancing the glitter effect with blacK.

You are the Judge!

Some Music :)

I cant stop singing this song, plus the video is great, i think Nicole is the ¨fitted¨ version of Kim Kardashian. Hahahahahaha :). Love this new video and song from Nicole Scherzinger ft 50 Cent. ¨Right There¨ 
Enjoy :) 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cheetah Ballerinas

Cheetah Ballerinas

This is my new love, I now is summer and maybe fur is not exactly the most appropriate fabric but whatever I love them! Plus, cheetah print is always a great choice that adds confidence to any outfit.
These are from the Maria Sharapova for COLE HANN.
Love them as much as I do!

The details at the back are lovely.