Monday, May 30, 2011

more SINS for this Summer

Something about NUDE. 

This sexy, silent color has become famous this year. I support it and commit to it, as i think is the exquisite result of a mixture between a beige and a see-through fabric. 

Make sure u rOck it , somewhere in your outfit. 

Tip: Nude shoes make ur legs look longer and leaner!

I´ll be adding more NUDITY to this summer post!


Friday, May 27, 2011

June Summer SINS

June 1st is next week, the monster Sun is up in the sky , academic duties are over, wild colors and floral dresses are ruling the streets, bikini’s and flip-flops are in the stores.
 My lovers : Summer 2011 is ON! 

So I’ve started selecting the basics for this summer, this is a sneak peak of what u we should be wearing this season. I’ll be updating the content through the summer to keep in touch.

As always 
Love, Love, Love and ENJOY!


PD. I want u to know I live in a city where we have NO mayor season changes, and its usually cold weather. So right now it’s hard for me to upload pictures from local-real people on summer outfits, but I’ll try my best! If u have any rockin´ pictures u want to share, u are mOORe than welcome!

Bold Accesories! 
Mix colors and sizes make sure they look un-even. This will add fun and personality to your dresses, or even just a plain tank top and a pair of jeans. 

The unStoppable and Glamorous WHITE 
2011 has been the year for WhitE, its been all over red carpet , tv shows, and runways. So, summer isn´t the exception. Here are some ideas to add some texture and personality to your white outfit! 


This ribbon around the blazer is a great idea for adding color and/or a print to the outfit!
Dont doubt and try it!

Adding texture to white with metallic gold or silver, turns a plain outfit into a chic , sexy and classy look. Check it!

All types of Dresses: Long, short, tight , loose, one color , floral print , anything u like! Pair your dress with sky-high wedges or metallic flat sandals, a big bag, big eyeglasses and a long necklace.

This jean shirt and adorable skirt are a perfect match for summer. You´ll feel beautifull.

The perfect LooK for a mid-summer NIGHT´s drEam!
Add S.H.I.N.E to ur outfit is my advice for this summer. Put bronzer on ur cheeks, black eyeliner, with redish lipgloss and ur ready for the party!

Wild Shoes are a MUST this summer, go for a fun shoe that matches ur personality and style! Shoes are always magic.


Enjoy and let me know what u think!
I´ll be adding more Summer SINS to this post.

Love, Love, Love.

Karen R

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Statement ManicUre

This is my manicure recipe: DOnt be so boring , stop wearing the same ¨safe¨colors: pale pink, creamy white, red, frech blah blah blah....Try new colors, add texture, mix shades in the same hand, try one hand - one color! Go different im sure you will love it, you will feel sexy and spiced! You´ll feel your nails are saying im different, confident and i love it!

This is my choice for this week, at least it adds some color to my office :).

Ill let u know my next choice! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shoe Biscuits

INFATUATION is what i feel for shoes. These picks are more than adorable. I hope u enjoy !



Monday, May 23, 2011

Warmer 3: Skin Care RituAl

My dear ladies: Beauty comes from the inside, which means skincare comes before makeup.
I’m sure that’s no news for u, so I hope you all are doing some kind of skincare process DAILY!
I wanted to share my process with u, and tell you which are the BASICS and MUST steps you need to be following to have a healthy, picture ready skin.

Hope u like it!

Love, Love, Love


Makeup, dust, air, sunlight, pollution, everYthing gets into the pores, specially o to the face which is completely exposed all day long.  If we don’t clean our face DAIYLY pores clog and that’s when black points and breakthroughs come in. No matter what ur age, cleaning is a must even more when makeup is worn daily.

I use PURITY by Philosophy. Is very gentle, but really gets ur face cleaned. In my opinion is very gentle and I would like a ¨stronger and deeper¨ cleaning, as I used to get when I used CITRUS CLEANSER by PERRICORNE MD. Still, I wanted to try this brand (PHILOSOPHY) so I bought the PURITY cleanser.
Be sure im going back to Perricorne when this bottle is empty ;). But is up to you which type of cleaning you like and ur skin needs.


To complete the cleaning, the TONER is the key, as it removes what the cleaning product didn’t, and as it names says it tones the skin so it minimizes the pores giving ur face a smooth extra clean sensation and condition.
I use this PERRICORNE TONER, it doesn’t smell very good, but with a small amount of product your face will be incredibly clean. It may feel a little itchy at the beginning. But im sure you’ll love it and start noticing a better skin.


This is the end of the basic process, and it key to get a healthy, moisturized skin. Moisturizer is esSential for ALL skin types. I tend to have oily skin, and so I wasn’t a big fan of ¨adding¨ moist to my skin; but what a big mistake I was making by not hydrating my skin, skin produced MORE oiL. L  The key is to choose the right moisturizer according to your skin type.
If your skin is oily or combined, a water-based product in a Gel presentation will work perfectly. If ur skin is dry, try creamy moisturizers with more oil, that water.
Moisturizer Test: Apply it to your clean face, if after a few seconds ur face is warm, there is more oil than water in the product. If it dries after a few seconds then is the correct product. IF it doesn’t dry and is still feels warm, its too oily for your skin, and u need a water-based product.
Apply a fatty dime-size amount for the face and neck. Also find one that has SPF protection. 

I normally pick one of these , and alternate during the week. 

YoU aRe DonE!
The 3 steps I just explained with the appropriate products, are your ticket to gorgeous healthy skin.

Ok, some extra-help never hurts. 

I bought this amazing cleaning tool a month ago and I’m astonished. It has really soft bristles that spin around to provide a deeper cleaning to your face without being too harsh on your skin. I use it 2 times a week, and I can feel the cleanser really works best and un-saturates pores giving me a smooth sensation. Plus this pink version supports breast cancer foundations, so it couldn’t get any better. Go for a test-drive at any retail store : Macys, Nordstrom, and  Sephora. 


I’m in my early 20´s I know I probably should be using this kind of products just yet. But I still I think it wouldn’t hurt to start taking care of the HORRENDUS UnStoppable aging disastrous effects!
I use this retinol cream 2 times a week, I can’t see any difference really (I guess is because im 24) but I know is helping stop whatever aging process is going on under my skin :)


By now I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m a little obsessed with skin. And I’m sure this is no news for u: Sun is the worst enemy of youth! No cream, treatment or surgery will repair what the monster sun does to your skin, plus the risk of getting skin cancer.
So my life vow is: with soooo many good bronzers and self -tanners, why on earth bother with exposing my skin to the monster?
Therefore sun is forbidden to me, I try to use a moisturizer with SPF in it.
If not, I carry a travel size sun block in my purse just in case the monster comes out. Remember to apply some to your hands too. This Neutrogena formula is effect as is weight less a absolutely non sticky!.
At the beach, big, big, HUGE hat is a must and wide eyeglasses are infallible. When ur 40 u will remember me ;)

I guess the Ritual is clearly exposed, I hope u like it and apply it!

Love, Love, Love

Friday, May 20, 2011

Blake-flaWless Lively

For me she is THE Goddess, she perfectly knows what to wear, and where to wear it. Sure, no doubt she has an amazing body that helps, but also her styling skills are flawless. 
This outfit is beyond perfect: perfect fit, perfect time, perfect materials, perfect skirt-blazer match, perfect shoes, perfect colors, and I could go on and on and oooooon!

This is Blake Lively in a sequin Chanel blazer and tulip miNi skirt with Louboutin pumps. At the Chanel show on May, 10 2011.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tell me about this Sam Edelman shoe ¨LORISSA¨ i love it its perfect its comfy , perfect to add the magic touch to any outfit. Jawdropping, Speechless, Stunning i cant stop lovin it

Are u ready 2 Dance Off ?

Ok, so I’ve heard an event is coming soon for 4 u my innocent, young, wild and sexy young women from CCB high school. For your age this is the closest you are getting to a red carpet experience, so im gonna make sure U really rock ur outfit.

I’ve selected a few examples of what I know u would normally wear, and im gonna suggest why and what you should wear according 2 your body type; because lets be honest, u might all have the sAme age, love the sAme boy, and use the sAme blackberry BUT you DO NOT have the same body! And if u really want 2 look ur best, then u have to know ur body, understand it and LoVe iT  in order 2 rock iT.
So here it is, I hope is useful, and u enjoy it.

Your comments are always wElcome.

Love, Love, Love

Skinny Type: Small bust, Thin waist and legs.

As u are skinny u can wear tight dresses that ¨stick¨ to your body. To add some volume and shape look for prints, flowers, colors, and shapes on the dress. If u pick a one-color dress, wear strong accessories like long necklaces, thick and multiple bangs on ur arms, and play with different colors!

Busty or Full Waist: Medium-Large Bust and/or Full Waist.

The type of dresses iv selected slim down your middle section of the body and creates a gorgeous balanced look by properly fitting your boobs and curves.
Always remember to wear something that accentuate your waist.
Try wearing one-color pieces, or if u like prints always wear them on your lower part of the body.

WARNING 4 ALL LADIES:  The correct height of your dress is to the middle of your thigh. You normally wear dresses extremely high and you think u look great; but honestly u end up looking slutty and fatter (yes, FAT, even if you´re a size 0). This is because when the dress is too high, it looks like a top not a dress. So you drive the attention to your belly not ur legs or butt (as u thought u did).

So wear ur dress with the correct height! Plus it will make your butt scream: Nice AS**. Which im sure will you love!

Shorts & Skirts:
I looooove shorts and skirts at your age. They are the perfect MUST HAVE piece in your closet. If u have them in one color u can wear them with a colorful top (or vice versa) always tucked in! Complete the look by wearing really high heels so u don’t loose elegance, a long necklace and bangs will match perfectly!
Beware: NO JEAN MATERIALS ALLOWED, it’s a party not the beach!


I love jeans, but honestly NOT for this type of occasion that´s why is my last option, u are very young and beautiful so jeans are very bOOOring for this event. But if you insist…. Wear dark colors shades please no light blues! And a very cute, sexy, colorfull, if possible shinny TOP. Drive all the attention to the top, wear big earings, and as ALWAYS high high heels

Top for Jeans:

General Tips:

·      V-necks always make u look thinner.
·      Summer is ON, so wear bright colors.
·      Nude or Beige is the new color for shoes, they not only match perfectly with every color, but they make ur legs look longer and thinner.
·      Don’t wear too much makeup, ur young which means naturally gorgeous. Go for BRIGHT and CREAMY color shades for your eyes. Black and dark shades are sooo NO NO NO for you. Plus, its summer!
·      Be confidEnt, Be yoUrself , don’t drink Yet, kisS wilDly instead ;).

Love, Love, Love

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Warmer 2: MakeUp Basics 4 All of Us

Make Up is a necessity like it or NOT. Make Up products will eXplode and accentuate ur natural goDdess.
Off course, like everything in life: in the right measure EXTREMES are not welcOme: pAle face nor poKer face.
So I’ve selected very easy no-skip steps, that u can follow and look ur best.
Try them and let me know :)

I, YOUR NAME take thee CONCEALER, to be my loyal company, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; and I promise to be faithful to you until death do us parts.
Always Always and always wear concealer on your eyes. One tone lighter than your foundation, so eyEs really stand out, and all dark circles disappear all day.  Even if u wear nothing else. 
I normally i wont pressure u to buy something, but this is a one time exception, i have x reasons for insisting on yoU buying this kit:
The concealer kit from AMAZINGCOSMETICS, is the best as it has all the essentials products and tools, that perfectly do the job: 

  1. The concealer bush: it carefully reaches the inner corner of the eyes and smoothes the product on the eye lid for full coverage with a ridiculously smAll amount u will be impressed.
  2. Velvet Mineral Foundation Powder erasing and refining dark circles, and sun spots in order to get a flawless look.
  3. Setting Translucent Powder, this is the finish touch that will assure ur make-up will last and look shine-less and red carpet ready all daY lonG!
  4. PLUS!!!!! it comes witha DVD tutorial that will explain step by step how to rOck the prducts and your loOk!l

Step 2: Foundation.
Go for liquid formulas not pressed powder versions, so your pores don’t clog and skin can really absorb the product. I like a light weight formula based on natural ingredients such as vitamin C, and Wild Rose with SPF: KORRES foundation perfectly does the job for me. Apply it with a brush (CLEAN) for a smoother application to avoid fingers dirt ending up in your cheeks; apply some to the neck line, so that your face matches your neck color!
3. Powder, Loose or Compact.
I love loose powder as it just perfectly pairs with the foundation and keeps a natural look. If u like more coverage go for the compact powder.
Apply either versions, with a big fluffy brush that will ¨spread¨ evenly the powder and u wont get a heavy sensation

4. Blush

My favorite most flattering tool ;). Choose between pinkish colors for the day and bronze/golden colors for night.
If u have a round face like mine: apply a diagonal stroke that starts from the ear, and goes trough BELOW the cheekbone. The effect will elongate your face to accentuate face bones.
If ur face is everything BUT round, apply blush directly on the cheekbones, to give color and enhace your natural face structure.

5. Eyeliner. Cream oR Pencil.
Pencil is easier to apply, but comes off quickly. Cream liner take a few more seconds and practice to apply, but once you learn, its long lasting and professional looking.
Apply with a thin brush, in a 2 step process: Start from the outer corner of the eye halfway through the upper lash line, then from the inner to the center of the lash line, completing a smooth line. Repeat in the lower lash line.
Remember the thicker the eyeliner is, the deeper your eyes look. 

6. Mascara.
As important as concealer is mascara. It defines your looks and PoP´s your eyes, so brings out the bombshell in you. 
I like volume, and definition. NO waterproof formulas, as they are too strong and will weaken your eyelashes. My two favorites are: Dior BLACKOUT. I’m sure you’ll love it too, is dark, divides, fulfills and elongates the lashes. Another good one and cheaper is Covergirl LASHBLAST VOLUME BLASTING MASCARA in orAnge bottle.
Apply in upper lashes, AND lower lashes always. I always tap the brush before applying the first time so no excess spills on your eyelids, then apply another coat that will add volume and help separate and define lashes.
7. Lip Balm
Hidrating is vital for Lips. No lipgloss, lipstick will stay and look great on your lips , if ur lips are dry and fried :*(.
So what I used to do, was apply any hidrating chapstick before the lipstick or gloss; UNTIL  i discovered LIP BALM.Which is the perfect 2 in 1. It hydrates and adds color and shine to ur lips. Play with all the colors u like, but always give color to your lips or you´ll end up lookig like a mime.
Basic Tools: Brushes 
Powder Brush & Blush Brush. I like this big and full brushes i used them at home, as carrying the al day can be too much. 
As u can see the Blush brush has a little angle so u can easily apply and get the right effect!

For your every day cosmetic bag i reccomend miniature versions of the brushes. From top to bottom are: Blush brush, Powder brush, Foundation brush, Shadow brush. I like ECOTOOLS brand as they are cheap and do a great job. Remember to wash ur brushes ONCE a week, with shampoo and warm water. 

ExpecT mess! Is part of the fun! I love this pictUre.

You´re all set! Ready to rock ur everyday routine. This process should take 10 minutes the most, so there´s no reason to skip it. No reason to skip a gorgEous look.
This is KarenR at 8pm with my make up on since 9am.

Hope this is helpful, it works for me im sure it will work for u too!
Let me know anything u need.
Love, Love ,Love