Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eye-Liner Dilemma

Hey guys i recently received an ¨advice request email from Blogger Ray @ Fashionwrites and i thought i share it here, as Im sure all women around the globe has the same issue!
What black eyeliner would you recommend is the best? I am tired of buying eyeliner after eyeliner that keeps promising me "water-proof" and "smear-proof" and yet, after sitting during one class session, my eyeliner is smeared under my lids like I had a horrible night of sleep. :(
What is the best non-smear eyeliner would you recommend me try? I promise I won't be upset if it doesn't work out, but being that I am, by far, not the beauty expert, I'm sure I won't be disappointed! I know nothing much besides my everday face when it comes to beauty!

KarenRStyle answered:

Here are some steps to find the perfect eye-liner:

1. Which Make- up Brand? There are thousands of makeup brands on the market: expensive, cheap, organic, non- organic, etc etc. After spending a lot of $$$ on testing  different brands, I’ve discovered that depending on what make-up product you’re looking for there is a brand name for it!
So, Eyeliners: Bobbi Brown and MAC are the best option.

2. Which TYPE of Eyeliner: Pencil or Gel?

First think what do you want from your eyeliner:
 a. Fast and Easy application but quickly comes off: Pencil Eyeliner.
 b. Long-Wear and a great eye-definition effect: Gel Eyeliner 

For your case, and based on my EYELINER brand testing results I highly recommend option B.

Product List:
BOBBI BROWN: Long Wear Gel Eyeliner. It has a great texture, bold color, and with an incredible small amount of product, you get a perfectly defined eye. That definatly will stick with you all day long, or all night long :)
Apply the Gel Eyeliner with the brush; it’s a very fine delicate brush that applies just the right amount in the right places!

Here is the link for the Bobbi Brown Eye Liner:


Also MAC Gel Eye Liners do a great job on your eyes, and cost much less than the Bobbi Brown, so depending on your budget , you choose! I use both brands, as they have different colors but i get great results with both brands!

Here is the link for the MAC Gel Eyeliner:


WARNING: To achieve the great look always remember:
1. Apply the Gel Eyeliner with a special brush, it’s a very fine delicate brush that applies just the right amount in the right places! I highly recommend Bobbi Brown has the best brushes of the market NO DOUBT. I’ve tried MAC and SEPHORA brushes, but they are nothing compared to Bobbi Brown brushes.

2. Application Process:
When applying the Gel Eye Liner, tap a small amount of product on the brush, stand yourself in front of a mirror and put your elbow on a flat surface so that your arm has some support and your hand is steady.
Start from the outer corner to the middle of the upper lash line, then complete the line starting from the inner corner to the middle of upper lash line, to complete a perfect line!
Repeat the same on your lower lash line!




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  1. I've read about the gel liners...I think I've even dreamed of these gel liners. I need to try it but if it is anything like liquid eyeliner, I am in trouble because I cannot draw the line straight!