Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Warmer 1: K N O W your body 2 rock your body

We’ve all been blessed with a gorgeous figure. Keep that in mind, as GaGa said: God makes no mistakes. So the first step to rock your body is accept and adore your body shape. Don’t try to be who your not, don’t push it…it’s just miserable. Instead of focusing on what u don’t have, focus on what u do and others envy ;) and pullout the best side of yourself.
Inner beauty and confidence is not only priceless but is not found on a retail store.
I wanted to make this as easy, straight forward and clear as possible so u actually remember and apply it to your real life. Which is the whole point!

Curvy/Hourglass:  Bust; Hips; Slim waist.

My territory!! This is my shape so I perfectly know what im talking about, living under the well known yo-yo food habits, I’ve at least managed to know the pieces that work for me and be well aware of the donts! The key is balance: if its tight in the top it cant be tight in the bottom.

v necks r your new best friend. Well putted, not too low Cleavage  is a great choice, it will draw the attention to your upper part which im sure u love. Plus the v neck will elongate your upper half. Im not a big fan of the boat neck as in my opinion it ¨widens¨ your upper part. And were trying to slim not fill in!
Feel free to wear your colors and textures in your tops and keep your bottoms in basic colors.

Straight cut is always the right choice, as it will slim your hips and elongate your legs, even when u wear flat ballerinas.
The boot cut style is also a good choice as it fits your thighs but has a wide leg cut. Always wear these with sky-high wedges or pumps! So that height balance and slims down your figure.
Always always and alwayyys dark colors and washes. There is a dark shade for every color, so go for it! My favorites are: Navy blue, military green, and off course the never failing black. But with the right shade, all colors should work!

I recommend high or mid waist, as it will certainly fit and shape your bottom to shout nice a***!
Big pockets always shape and slim your butt, small pockets or no pockets its absolutely forbidden.
When it comes to low-rise, try a bigger size so that it feels a little loose and your butt wont come out when u sit down or walk!

Tall & Slim/Boyish: long arms; long legs; straight waist; lean and tall figure.

I hope you are not complaining at all! You are lucky enough to look tall and lean with literally nothing on. In other words, you are every dieting and exercising woman’s reason. So it’s pretty simple and easy with u!

Details, texture, ruffles, prints, and anything u like! All u have to do is accentuate your waist, as u may tend to look no-curves. So show off you femme diva.
Wear all types of belts, nipped waisted blouses, fitted tops, waisted jackets and sweaters, and prints! No solid or plain colors.

Here is where my envy hits the top! You can wear literally a n Y t h I n g you like. Shinnies where born for u, as well as bootcut, curvy, flare, and all styles. Just remember not to wear baggy or too loose fit, let everyone know u can pull off every bottom style!
Plus: wear them in every single color!

Busty: Full Bust; Short Waist; Slim Hips and Legs.

So, GOD might have spent a little more time on your upper half….. no problem. Take it a a special prize he gave u, as many girls are in now in a surgery room getting what u where born with.

Top: Solid colors, and simple lines. A short V neck style, and buttoned boyish shirts in cute delicate fabrics, like suede which is lovely. Don’t add more volume with prints, floral, ruffles or decorations. Look for soft fabrics and a one-color piece. I suggest always tucking in your shirt, or wearing your tops hip length the most. Longer OR too loose tops will make curves disappear and you’ll end up looking like a Tea cUp :(

Bottom: Here is where u really need to cOnEntratE. In order to create the perfect Balance, by driving attention to your lower half. I suggest u stick to a low rise cut that will elongate your waist, and compliment it with a THICK lovely belt in any color.
Boot cut with a subtle flare at the leg is PeRRRfecT as it will add a LITTLE volume to your legs and perfectly (I repeat) pair with your upper half.
WARNING: don’t go crazy with the flare! Keep it subtle… im not saying rock the 60´s & 70´s!
Straight cut is a safe play too; skinny cut will only accentuate your slim lower half and ruin everything.
Wear your bottoms in light shade colors, avoid dark shades and remember to always wear mid-high or sky-high shoes that will make u look runway ready.

Pear: Small Bust; Slim waist; Narrow Shoulders; Wide Hips; Stand-out butt.

BOotyLicioUs Lady coming in, NO complains accepted here ladies. I think is a great figure, hips and butt is our feminine weapon statement: I’m a sexy, confident, smart real woman, everything you’ll always dream about and never be!
I hope u interiorize this, and project it everywhere u go. All u are is SEXY.

Top: Almost anything u like to try on, but always remember proportions. I recommend sexy boat necks that show off your shoulders, also rock your small bust with low V-necks. I would even go for transparent buttoned blouses that show just the right things.
Details, delicate fabrics, even shimmer decorations will bring attention to your upper half. Always fitted pieces, never baggy or loose tops! As they will kill balance and will make u look like a 0.

Well-fitted bottoms in the hip-butt area is the only rule. Look for fabrics with SPANDEX (stretch) as it will literally ¨hug¨ your booty, instead of rigid fabrics that wont adapt to your curves.

I highly suggest the straight and boot cut leg as it will balance your whole figure. But if u feel sexy wear the skinny!
Remember always dark shades and big pockets, u have enough volume don’t add more with light colors or details. Keep it smart simple and clean.
High heels are a MUST in your life! No matter what’s the occasion, extra height is always your magical touch.

Take a look at this so u can illustrate everything i´ve explained.




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