Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How do yoU and i make it wOrk?

I´m ready to help U rOck that OutfIt.
Send me an emAil to:
Let me know a bit about u , who u are, what u like no resumé needed just           describe yourself in oNe sentece or tRee wOrds ;) 
So, now that we kNow each other, tEll me:

Basics: Body Type, and Age
Whats the occasion?
When is it?
Where is it?
What would u normally wear?
What´s ur biggest concErn?
What do you want for this event?

You dont have 2 answer as a Quiz, i just need u to give me that information to understand and satisfy Your Needs which is the whole point of the BloG!

Your welcome to send me a picture so I can illustrate and go straight to a HIT with ur Outfit. I must say  PICTURES WONT BE PUBLISHED ANYWHERE, NO ONE BUT ME KarenR WILL BE LOOKING AT THE PICTURES, AND PICTURES WILL BE DELETED AFTER WE SCORE! 
I will be answerig your request in a maximum period of 24hours. 

See u soon KarenR

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