Monday, May 23, 2011

Warmer 3: Skin Care RituAl

My dear ladies: Beauty comes from the inside, which means skincare comes before makeup.
I’m sure that’s no news for u, so I hope you all are doing some kind of skincare process DAILY!
I wanted to share my process with u, and tell you which are the BASICS and MUST steps you need to be following to have a healthy, picture ready skin.

Hope u like it!

Love, Love, Love


Makeup, dust, air, sunlight, pollution, everYthing gets into the pores, specially o to the face which is completely exposed all day long.  If we don’t clean our face DAIYLY pores clog and that’s when black points and breakthroughs come in. No matter what ur age, cleaning is a must even more when makeup is worn daily.

I use PURITY by Philosophy. Is very gentle, but really gets ur face cleaned. In my opinion is very gentle and I would like a ¨stronger and deeper¨ cleaning, as I used to get when I used CITRUS CLEANSER by PERRICORNE MD. Still, I wanted to try this brand (PHILOSOPHY) so I bought the PURITY cleanser.
Be sure im going back to Perricorne when this bottle is empty ;). But is up to you which type of cleaning you like and ur skin needs.


To complete the cleaning, the TONER is the key, as it removes what the cleaning product didn’t, and as it names says it tones the skin so it minimizes the pores giving ur face a smooth extra clean sensation and condition.
I use this PERRICORNE TONER, it doesn’t smell very good, but with a small amount of product your face will be incredibly clean. It may feel a little itchy at the beginning. But im sure you’ll love it and start noticing a better skin.


This is the end of the basic process, and it key to get a healthy, moisturized skin. Moisturizer is esSential for ALL skin types. I tend to have oily skin, and so I wasn’t a big fan of ¨adding¨ moist to my skin; but what a big mistake I was making by not hydrating my skin, skin produced MORE oiL. L  The key is to choose the right moisturizer according to your skin type.
If your skin is oily or combined, a water-based product in a Gel presentation will work perfectly. If ur skin is dry, try creamy moisturizers with more oil, that water.
Moisturizer Test: Apply it to your clean face, if after a few seconds ur face is warm, there is more oil than water in the product. If it dries after a few seconds then is the correct product. IF it doesn’t dry and is still feels warm, its too oily for your skin, and u need a water-based product.
Apply a fatty dime-size amount for the face and neck. Also find one that has SPF protection. 

I normally pick one of these , and alternate during the week. 

YoU aRe DonE!
The 3 steps I just explained with the appropriate products, are your ticket to gorgeous healthy skin.

Ok, some extra-help never hurts. 

I bought this amazing cleaning tool a month ago and I’m astonished. It has really soft bristles that spin around to provide a deeper cleaning to your face without being too harsh on your skin. I use it 2 times a week, and I can feel the cleanser really works best and un-saturates pores giving me a smooth sensation. Plus this pink version supports breast cancer foundations, so it couldn’t get any better. Go for a test-drive at any retail store : Macys, Nordstrom, and  Sephora. 


I’m in my early 20´s I know I probably should be using this kind of products just yet. But I still I think it wouldn’t hurt to start taking care of the HORRENDUS UnStoppable aging disastrous effects!
I use this retinol cream 2 times a week, I can’t see any difference really (I guess is because im 24) but I know is helping stop whatever aging process is going on under my skin :)


By now I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m a little obsessed with skin. And I’m sure this is no news for u: Sun is the worst enemy of youth! No cream, treatment or surgery will repair what the monster sun does to your skin, plus the risk of getting skin cancer.
So my life vow is: with soooo many good bronzers and self -tanners, why on earth bother with exposing my skin to the monster?
Therefore sun is forbidden to me, I try to use a moisturizer with SPF in it.
If not, I carry a travel size sun block in my purse just in case the monster comes out. Remember to apply some to your hands too. This Neutrogena formula is effect as is weight less a absolutely non sticky!.
At the beach, big, big, HUGE hat is a must and wide eyeglasses are infallible. When ur 40 u will remember me ;)

I guess the Ritual is clearly exposed, I hope u like it and apply it!

Love, Love, Love


  1. Great skin care ritual doll and I LOVE LOVE LOVE PHILOSOPHY products and you must have a nice skin because everything works and great products. Thx for sharing girly.


  2. A complete range of beauty products, right from the morning to night. And sun protection too.Makes me remind of Yonka .