Friday, May 27, 2011

June Summer SINS

June 1st is next week, the monster Sun is up in the sky , academic duties are over, wild colors and floral dresses are ruling the streets, bikini’s and flip-flops are in the stores.
 My lovers : Summer 2011 is ON! 

So I’ve started selecting the basics for this summer, this is a sneak peak of what u we should be wearing this season. I’ll be updating the content through the summer to keep in touch.

As always 
Love, Love, Love and ENJOY!


PD. I want u to know I live in a city where we have NO mayor season changes, and its usually cold weather. So right now it’s hard for me to upload pictures from local-real people on summer outfits, but I’ll try my best! If u have any rockin´ pictures u want to share, u are mOORe than welcome!

Bold Accesories! 
Mix colors and sizes make sure they look un-even. This will add fun and personality to your dresses, or even just a plain tank top and a pair of jeans. 

The unStoppable and Glamorous WHITE 
2011 has been the year for WhitE, its been all over red carpet , tv shows, and runways. So, summer isn´t the exception. Here are some ideas to add some texture and personality to your white outfit! 


This ribbon around the blazer is a great idea for adding color and/or a print to the outfit!
Dont doubt and try it!

Adding texture to white with metallic gold or silver, turns a plain outfit into a chic , sexy and classy look. Check it!

All types of Dresses: Long, short, tight , loose, one color , floral print , anything u like! Pair your dress with sky-high wedges or metallic flat sandals, a big bag, big eyeglasses and a long necklace.

This jean shirt and adorable skirt are a perfect match for summer. You´ll feel beautifull.

The perfect LooK for a mid-summer NIGHT´s drEam!
Add S.H.I.N.E to ur outfit is my advice for this summer. Put bronzer on ur cheeks, black eyeliner, with redish lipgloss and ur ready for the party!

Wild Shoes are a MUST this summer, go for a fun shoe that matches ur personality and style! Shoes are always magic.


Enjoy and let me know what u think!
I´ll be adding more Summer SINS to this post.

Love, Love, Love.

Karen R

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