Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are u ready 2 Dance Off ?

Ok, so I’ve heard an event is coming soon for 4 u my innocent, young, wild and sexy young women from CCB high school. For your age this is the closest you are getting to a red carpet experience, so im gonna make sure U really rock ur outfit.

I’ve selected a few examples of what I know u would normally wear, and im gonna suggest why and what you should wear according 2 your body type; because lets be honest, u might all have the sAme age, love the sAme boy, and use the sAme blackberry BUT you DO NOT have the same body! And if u really want 2 look ur best, then u have to know ur body, understand it and LoVe iT  in order 2 rock iT.
So here it is, I hope is useful, and u enjoy it.

Your comments are always wElcome.

Love, Love, Love

Skinny Type: Small bust, Thin waist and legs.

As u are skinny u can wear tight dresses that ¨stick¨ to your body. To add some volume and shape look for prints, flowers, colors, and shapes on the dress. If u pick a one-color dress, wear strong accessories like long necklaces, thick and multiple bangs on ur arms, and play with different colors!

Busty or Full Waist: Medium-Large Bust and/or Full Waist.

The type of dresses iv selected slim down your middle section of the body and creates a gorgeous balanced look by properly fitting your boobs and curves.
Always remember to wear something that accentuate your waist.
Try wearing one-color pieces, or if u like prints always wear them on your lower part of the body.

WARNING 4 ALL LADIES:  The correct height of your dress is to the middle of your thigh. You normally wear dresses extremely high and you think u look great; but honestly u end up looking slutty and fatter (yes, FAT, even if you´re a size 0). This is because when the dress is too high, it looks like a top not a dress. So you drive the attention to your belly not ur legs or butt (as u thought u did).

So wear ur dress with the correct height! Plus it will make your butt scream: Nice AS**. Which im sure will you love!

Shorts & Skirts:
I looooove shorts and skirts at your age. They are the perfect MUST HAVE piece in your closet. If u have them in one color u can wear them with a colorful top (or vice versa) always tucked in! Complete the look by wearing really high heels so u don’t loose elegance, a long necklace and bangs will match perfectly!
Beware: NO JEAN MATERIALS ALLOWED, it’s a party not the beach!


I love jeans, but honestly NOT for this type of occasion that´s why is my last option, u are very young and beautiful so jeans are very bOOOring for this event. But if you insist…. Wear dark colors shades please no light blues! And a very cute, sexy, colorfull, if possible shinny TOP. Drive all the attention to the top, wear big earings, and as ALWAYS high high heels

Top for Jeans:

General Tips:

·      V-necks always make u look thinner.
·      Summer is ON, so wear bright colors.
·      Nude or Beige is the new color for shoes, they not only match perfectly with every color, but they make ur legs look longer and thinner.
·      Don’t wear too much makeup, ur young which means naturally gorgeous. Go for BRIGHT and CREAMY color shades for your eyes. Black and dark shades are sooo NO NO NO for you. Plus, its summer!
·      Be confidEnt, Be yoUrself , don’t drink Yet, kisS wilDly instead ;).

Love, Love, Love

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